Library Business Plan in India: How to start a Library in India

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September 14, 2022

Library Business Plan

Looking for information regarding a proper library business plan in India that you can put to good use and make the most profit from? You are at the right place. Keep reading forward to get rid of all your worries regarding this particular startup. 

You might be wondering whether this job is profitable or not. Well let me tell you, any job is profitable if you build a proper plan and execute it well, but setting up a startup can be a tricky thing, so you might want to start with the basic concepts first.

I remember gong to the school library a lot. I loved all kinds of colorful books and as I grew up, to get rid of all the black and white books that I had to go through for my academic year, I used to buy fiction books. In college also, I took the library membership and after that the saga continued.

What my point is I enjoyed reading books, I still do and there are several people out there like me who love to read all sorts of books and they are still looking for a good library that can provide them such good reads.

So the bottom line is this business can be quite profitable for you in the long run. If you want to read further about how to build the perfect library business plan in India, do not wander anywhere else.

Step 1. How to Start working on your Library Business Plan

If you are also a mind with innovative ideas and you plan things for a greater cause, you might want to open a library in such areas where there are not many libraries already established. You might want to spread more awareness regarding books and reading.

If you have such thoughts in mind, you might want to start by looking at the number of libraries you have in your area. If you end up finding out a reasonable number, you should note down whether they have good facilities in these libraries or not.

If you end up finding there is no library in your area, it is an even better idea to set your own library. Do not worry thinking about the number of customers in the beginning. No business hits success right from the very start, so do not let this demotivate you. No matter what, you must keep working ahead and toward your goals.

For starting any business the first thing is making a business plan for it, so think accordingly before you start making your library business plan. Do not rush. You will get where you want to reach. Just keep going!

Step 2. Select proper Location before Building your Library Business Plan in India

The people already associated with this startup says that the space for this kind of business is highly important. People start their business from any place, without considering the right amount of space they might require in the future. Do not make a haste while selecting a place for setting up your library business. Such hasty decisions might lead you to repent yourself in the future.

Specially look for places where there is no noise. Choose a place which is at a large distance from Road, Railway Station, Bus Station, Airport etc. Silence is the basic requirement for a reader, so choose the place very wisely. It is suggested by the persons involved in the following business that you should set your library near a quite colony, coaching institute or a school, a little inside the road due to a high number of students in the area.

Go for space which can fit at least 25 people at a time comfortably and peacefully. Make sure that the rent is not high in the beginning. Too high prices can scare your customers easily. Pin this advise at the top of your library business plan.

Step 3. Get your License before working on your Library Business Plan in India

If you are setting up your business in a large scale, you might need a license and registration for it. If you are getting annual turnover which is more than the exemption limit, it is mandatory to get a GST registration done.

Learn about the the local rules and regulations cautiously. In India, you can use an official website to register as well, so hurry up and register if you are thinking about establishing a library business.

Step 3. Focus on the Furniture and the Furnishing Work

Now that you are done with the basic set up, it is time to arrange the furniture for your library.

To keep the books properly, you will need to make an almirah with glass, to keep the books less dirty. You can also go for an almirah without glasses to save some money.

Build proper cabins as well, where people can sit and peacefully read their hearts out. The cabins should be big enough to accommodate many people at once.

Arrange chairs, tables etc for people to sit comfortably. You can also get customized furniture but remember, that you will have to follow a path, in which you will have to invest less money.

Arrange proper lighting facilities as well. You can also use LED Bulbs and if you have a lot of money to invest, you can also use AC for the summers. 

Step 4. Decide which Books to Purchase

The books that you are going to buy will solely depend on your customers. If the location of your library is near a school, you might want to buy those books which the students will prefer. Always keep the customer and the subject in mind before purchasing the books for your library. After a period of time you will be able to decide on your own, which books are in huge demand.

You can also choose a supplier to supply the books. It is a good tip to buy books online as, you can get even the expensive books at a reasonable price. Do not forget to add this point while making your library business plan.

Step 5. Marketing your Library Business

A good promotion technique is what will make you go very far with your business. You can get banners installed at every corner of your area.

You can also take help from newspapers and distribute your pamphlets to local people. You can also get the publicity done by installing speaker in public transports. The best advise is to gather students and spread awareness about your library.

Additional Tips:

  • In the library you have to make arrangements for clean water for the people to drink. For this you can get a water purifier installed.
  • In terms of security, you must have a CCTV camera installed in your library.
  • You always have to be alert in case of books. Whatever book is in demand, you have to make it available as soon as possible.
  • Inside the library you have to make a place for people where they can sit and have lunch.
  • To keep the library environment good, you can plant small plants in the library.
  • The library must have Fast WiFi access.
  • Take special care of cleanliness inside the library. If the library is dirty, get it cleaned as soon as possible.

With these additional tips, I would like to conclude my article on how to build a library business plan in India. I hope you found it informative and are all set to start your own library soon. Do tell us in the comment section if you found this article helpful or not. If you want, you can read our article on how to start a handyman business from scratch. Click here to read the full article.

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