Photoshop Business Ideas

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September 20, 2022

Photoshop Business Ideas

Looking for information regarding Photoshop business ideas in India and out of India? Look no further. In this article we will talk about how can you start your own Photoshop business from scratch, so keep on scrolling down to get rid of all your doubts regarding this business idea. 

Let us start by looking at the history of Photoshop first. Photoshop was launched in February 1990. It quickly became a must-have photo-editing software.

In present time, it is one of the most popular picture editing software for new and as well as skilled web design experts.

You must note that learning the skills of photoshop is no walk in the park and if you want to work as a professional, you have to be well versed with the operating of this software. It is our advise to acquire proper expertise of photoshop and start providing services to your customers.

In this following article we are listing various ways by which you can make money through the use of photoshop, so let’s not waste further and get started!

Work as a Web Template Creator

Creating a web template is gaining popularity among other photoshop experts in the field. You can easily sell a web template and earn more than $100. Do note that, a 3-4 page  website requires less than 12 hours.

This means that if your web template is sold 100 times, you will be earning 10,000 by spending 12 hours.

You can also work as a freelancer and continue creating your own web templates. In the long run, this job can pay you well.

Join a Freelance Marketplace

There are many online freelance marketplaces where you can join as a photoshop expert and easily make money by finishing small jobs.

Fiverr, Upwork and Elance are the best places where you can use your photoshop skills for a living.

One of the best part of joining a freelance job marketplace is that it does not need any registration fee to join. This is a good place for starters who do not want to form a company and want income from a comfortable source.

You can create your own Art Store

If you enjoy creating digital designs, you can open an art store of your own. It is definitely a good idea if you are a digital artist. In this platform, you can sell your paintings, your designs and you can also sell other items too.

The price of such art can vary from as low as $10 to as high as $8,000 or even more than that.

You can sell Stock Photos

If you have a passion for photography, along with the skills required, stock photography can be a great career option for you.

If you want to sell stock photos, all you have to do is click the photograph, retouch it with your photoshop skills and sell the product. See, how simple is that.

Become a Graphic Designer

You can sell your design to various services and earn a good income out of it. Names of some of the websites you can use to sell your designs are:


You can sell Photoshop Presets and LUTs

Please note that presets are a combination of edits, recorded as a batch and in a single click can be added to multiple images.

On the other hand, LUTs correspond to the Look-Up Table, a feature in Photoshop which is used as an essential tool.

Presets are brought by photographers and artists on a huge scale and the profit margin can also turn out to be high.

You can also Design Logos

This photoshop business idea is already very popular. A number of business owners are focusing on the online space for increasing their market presence.

The need for logo designers is increasing by the minute, so you can definitely consider this photoshop business idea.

Go for Photo Retouching

If you are interested in Photo Retouching, you can offer this kind of service to your customers. The pricing for per image is totally up to you.

There are several organizations that provide photo retouching services and you can easily patch up with them to gain suitable profit.

You can Create your own Website

Another profitable way to earn profit from photoshop is creating your own website. You can also create a photoshop blog and sell your photographs through your own website.

You can make Photoshop Brushes

For making photoshop brushes, you will need some experience. Once you have learnt it well, it is highly doable and creative. You can learn to sell these on PhotoShop tutorial site very easily.

Become a Photoshop Content Provider

If you’d like, you can create your own plugins, brushes, etc. You can also try your hand at becoming a content provider in the future. People can sell their plug-ins on your website for commission.

So, this was our small list of business ideas you can try on if you are looking for a startup idea. 

If you liked our article on photoshop business ideas, do comment and share it with your fellows who are also hunting for a potential startup idea. 

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