Noodle Business Plan in India

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September 15, 2022

Noodle Business Plan

Hello dear reader, our team welcome you to a new article on how to build your own noodle business plan in India. Seems interesting? Looking forward to learn more about this following startup idea? Look no further and keep scrolling down!

In this article, we will talk about the noodles used in making chowmein which is loved by almost any other foodie in India.

You will find a chowmein stall in every corner. Indians love this snack, therefore if you are thinking about making your own noodle business plan, it is not a bad decision at all.

Any person who is interested in cooking and looking for a business they can start with less investment can try their hand on this business.

Urban as well as rural areas will be seen occupied by chowmein stalls. This point makes it even more of a profitable business in the long run. Believe me, my distant uncle used to have a chowmein stall in his village and people from all over the place used to swarm around my uncle’s stall. My point is if you are looking for a startup idea in India and are interested in this following business, you are on the right track!

Now let us look at some of the steps that you must know regarding how to make your own noodle business plan in India.

Noodle Manufacturing Business

When we talk about fresh noodles, they are made up of tapioca flour and purpose flour, i.e. a product made from tapioca flour and refined flour. They look like thread and their thickness can range from 0.22 mm to 0.4 mm. This product can be prepared and consumed right away which means it is not much time consuming.

This is one of the reasons why this product is very popular among people. This snack can be easily prepared. It is sold in stalls or shops located on the streets.

This type of food is sometimes is considered as the most traditional foods available in the streets.

Know about the Noodles sales potential before working on your Noodles Business Plan

Noodles accounts for 45% of the processed grain products and is a major part of the processed food market. This food is extremely popular in almost every region of the country, but it is particularly famous in the northern region.

The success of Noodles Manufacturing Business can be expected from its selling potential which is not just limited to the urban areas of the country.

Due to its amazing taste and how quickly it can be cooked are the reasons for its growing popularity. People usually like to eat noodles which are made in stalls. Nowadays, you will see chowmein as a snack included in the menu of several occasions.

Birthday party can be a good example of such occasion. The constant increase in human population and their never ending apatite dramatically increases your chance of making profit from the Noodle Manufacturing business in the long run.

If you are able to satisfy your customers by providing quality food in a reasonable price along with a healthy, breathable environment, you will surely be able to secure a good livelihood out of this noodle business plan.

How to start your Noodle Business Plan?

Do your Research

If you do not want to face undue obstruction to your business, it is important to do your thorough research regarding the Noodle Manufacturing business.

In the beginning, you might face some obstacle in transferring your product to the big market. You might have to bear in mind the transportation cost to transport your product from one place to another and sometimes, you might get totally ignored by the ignorant market. The simple way to avoid this problem is to sell your products first to the local level, i.e. in the market around which you want to do your business in the future.

You can start your research by recognizing the number of fast food restaurants, hotels, dhabas, stalls in the desired area.

Find out if someone is doing Noodles Manufacturing in the area, if people would like to buy plain noodles for their domestic use. A well researched noodle business plan will definitely prove successful in the long run.

Prepare a Project Report

It is an essential part of the process as through this document, the entrepreneur can also apply for a loan from bank.

By this project, you can get a complete idea of the cost required for the set up of your business. The capital cost will depend upon the size of the plant, production capacity, plant area, city where the plant is being commissioned etc.

The price will go up and down depending upon the price of the machine and the quality of raw materials used.

If you want to make a proper project report for this particular business, stay tuned to our website for such content in the future.

Arrange for Funds

You have to gather the complete information about how much capital you will have to invest in making your business plan a reality.

You can also choose to finance your business from your personal savings.

Gather relevant information regarding any subsidized loan scheme.

Choose proper Location and Building

Look for proper space and building for your Noodles Manufacturing Business.

Around 700 Square Feet of space will be suitable to start a small unit.

You will also have to build a floor plan before installing the required machinery. The place or building can be taken on lease or on rent after completing all the formalities.

Apart from all these, you also have to manage electricity, water and skilled workers.

Required Registration and License

If you want to go forward with your business without any obstacles, you have to register your business as a Proprietorship in the Registrar of Companies to give legal form to his business. It will make the registration process easy and simple. You can easily complete this process online if you want.

You might need the following licenses and registrations:

  • Registration with Registrar of Companies
  • Trade license from local authority like Municipal Corporation etc.
  • Tax Registration, Bank Current Account, PAN Card etc.
  • food manufacturing license
  • Udyog Aadhaar Registration
  • BIS Certification for Quality

You will also have to require a no objection certificate from the Pollution Control Authority.

Management of the Essential Ingredients

If we talk about the machinery, automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines are available in the market which can beneficial for your business.

The automatic chowmein making machine’s cost will range from 50 thousand to 3.5 lakh rupees depending on its capacity.

The following list has the equipment you might need for your business:

  • Automatic Noodles Making Machine
  • wooden tray
  • plastic bucket with lid
  • Pipeline made of metal for water fittings
  • water boiler
  • Weight Measuring Machine
  • packaging machine

So this was all about how can you create a proper noodle business plan in India. If you liked our content, do show your support by commenting and sharing our article.

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