Safe Shop Business Plan in India

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September 15, 2022

Safe Shop Business Plan

Hello dear reader, looking for information regarding safe shop business plan in India? Do not worry. We have more than just the basics on the mentioned topic in a very lucid language, so keep on reading ahead to get rid of all your worries regarding safe shop business plan in India. 

Let us first try to understand what is a safe shop business in India anyway? Well let me tell you, it is a network marketing, i.e. an MLM company famous in direct selling.

If you are eager to know what exactly is a safe shop business, you have to understand their safe shop business plan first.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the basic concept of this start up idea.

What is a Safe Shop Business Plan?

If you want to start a safe shop business in India, first you have to pay the total investment and the product amount.

The initial investment will be of 500 Rs. When you will submit this payment, you will be able to join the platform.

Apart from this payment, you will have to pay extra amount for buying products in the future. For buying products, you will be required to pay 10,000 Rs. You will be able to see different products in your screen and you can also see an option to buy products worth of 18,000 Rs.

What is Safe Shop Network Marketing?

You have to understand that there is no option for direct selling to get income out of this platform.

Initially, you will have to buy products and then start to add people to your downline. If you will be able to add a person, you will get 200 Rs.

Suppose, you are able to add one person to your left and one person to your right downline, this will lead to a pair formation, which will eventually give you 1000 Rs.

Similarly, you will be able earn 1400 Rs. if another such pairing will be formed.

Also if someone from your downline is able to form a pair, you will still gain 1000 Rs.
By now, you must definitely have a bit of an idea, that you have to keep on adding people to your downline and emerge as a leader among them if you want to gain profit from this platform.

What is Safe Shop Bonus?

It depends entirely on you, how are you going to earn out of this platform. If you will be able to add two people to your downline in a month, you will be earning 1000 Rs.

If this person is able to join someone else to their downline, you will get a commission for that as well.

This means that if you and the people you have added to your downline keep on working regularly with a good pace, you can easily make great profit.

In addition to that if your upline helps you to mark your business, you can make even a greater profit.

How to join the Safe Shop?

If you are interested in the safe shop business and want to be a part of it, first you have to join the platform.

You will have to contact a person who has already been a part of the safe shop business. This person who is already a member of the safe shop will help you to join the platform.

Do not forget that you will need at least 10,500 Rs. to join in the beginning. If you have secured the mentioned sum of money, you can easily begin your career in the safe shop business.

Safe Shop Products

In case you are a leader in the safe shop business platform and looking forward to take a lead from safe shop joining from their website, you can contact them through their email.

Do note that you will have to pay extra for getting the leads.

What do we conclude?

If you are a person who has good with communication skills and interested in the field of network marketing, this startup idea will surely benefit you.

Not only can you make profit out of this MLM platform, but you can also form great connections to business persons in the long run.

With the correct knowledge of any field and passion for it, you can surely go very far. So it is our humble advise to recognize your passion and only then, go for the business idea. It is definitely better than wandering from place to place.

So readers, this was our article on the basics of safe shop business plan in India. If you want to know more about this platform, you can get to their website by clicking here.

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