Start Working as a Resume Writer

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September 17, 2022

Start Working as a Resume Writer

Hello dear readers, looking for information regarding how to start working as a Resume Writer? You have come to the right place. Keep on reading ahead to get all the information you need regarding this topic. 

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Back to the topic, we all know that resumes present a person’s professional skills, background and accomplishments. A resume is a very important document for job seeking. Most hiring managers ask you to submit a resume first before the actual interview.

A majority of people struggle with creating their own resume and that’s when a resume writer comes into play.

In this following article we will discuss how can you start working as a resume writer and what are the skills you would be needing for fulfilling this job profile, so without much further ado, let’s get started!

Resume Writer

A resume writer produces professional summaries for their clients. If you are thinking about taking on this job, you have to work for an individual who is ready to pay you for a professionally written resume.

The client will provide you relevant information that they want you to put in their resume. They can ask you to put their job qualifications, work history, skills and areas of expertise. It will be your job to turn it into an engaging read which is attention grabbing right from the first glance.

The resume is the first piece of written document a potential employer will see about an individual, so the document has to be visually appealing as well. When a client pays you to create their resume, they want to receive a product that can help them to look apart from the crowd.

Role of a Professional Resume Writer

If you are thinking about becoming a professional resume writer, it is important to first understand what the role of this job profile exactly is.

When you will start working as a resume writer, you will get a list of your client’s qualification details along with his skills as well as their work experience in the previous firms.

Sometimes, they might request you to make good use of social media platforms or information from other websites rather than producing it themselves.

Your major role as a resume writer is to convert their given information into something rich that a person cannot ignore. Strong writing skills are invaluable for this job. Writers must keep researching their client’s backgrounds and use persuasive language to convey suitable information in the resume of their client.

Earn by working as a Resume Writer

I know many resume writers who work as freelancers and provide their services to their clients.

There are a lots of facts which can impact the earning of a resume writer such as, how well you have researched to gain the relevant information regarding the industry your client is involved in and your overall experience as a resume writer that you have gained over the years.

You might earn an income between $50 and $100 for someone new without an massive work history. It is known as a basic resume.

For an executive-level client, you might earn up to $300 per resume.

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You can increase your income by becoming a certified resume writer through the main professional associations.

How to start Working as a Resume Writer

Obtain a Proper Degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree should be your first step. Degree in English, Communications, Journalism or a similar area of study will do. You will have to improve your writing and editing skills. You will also need proper knowledge of the jargon used in the corporate world.

Consider choosing courses in human resources. Human resources professionals are involved in the hiring process and review resumes of applicants when they come in the area.

Having a background in this particular area will be very helpful in the future if you are thinking about working as a resume writer.

Do not miss Internship Opportunities

Look for internship opportunities in your college to gain experience. You might not be able to work directly as a resume writing intern, but you can try to work with the HR or hiring managers to review resumes. This will give you a lot of insight about what looks good in a specific resume and what does not make it stand out.

As an intern, you can work on your skills by learning about what recruiters look for in a specific resume.

Do not miss to Attend Workshops

Do not forget to attend workshops that teach people how to create professional resumes.

When you will attend these workshops, you will be able to cover proper resume formatting, how can you include references and other relevant information regarding how to create a proper resume.

Get a Certificate

If you want to receive certification to work full time as a resume writer, you can go for The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) and the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW).

Go for the complete process to get a certificate if you are serious for the job of a resume writer.

If you are a certified resume writer, you can earn more than the average non-certified resume writer.

To obtain certification, first you need to submit a portfolio of resume, cover letter samples, as well as passing written and practical tests showing the applicant’s knowledge of the resume writing skills and knowledge of the industry.

If you get your certification from PARW, you can choose to be included in the associations’ searchable directory, which can help clients find you and ask for your services.

Time to find Suitable Clients

The final step will be to find clients who want to request your services.

You can look for clients through professional social media, online classifieds and other networks. What you offer could be another way to connect with suitable clients who are looking for professional resume writing assistance to stand apart from other people hunting for the same job.

So this was our article on how to start working as a Resume Writer. If you found it informative, do show your support by commenting and sharing.

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